Welcomed by gusts of refreshing air while walking up the staircase to the 2nd storey, one is sure to be surprised by the existence of a Paradise in this concrete jungle of Taipei. Appearing in front is a SPA facilities that combines the modern and ancient arts. The black marble reception counter and the black rubber wood bookshelf at the entrance, the flower-painted pottery and porcelain, the黑膽石etc. fit well into this 6-star decorated SPA environment. Such efforts by the owner instantly make a visitor relax naturally. This leads to the start of a SPA specially-meant for male customers.

In order to provide a variety of visual enjoyment and excellent massage experience to the customers, the Taipei Mio Luo Tang (simply means “Emu Oil Massage Therapy Centre”) comes with 4 VIP rooms in different styles, namely Chinese style, Modern style, American Countryside style, and Chinese Modern style. This male customer-focused Massage Therapy Centre provides an excellent layout of the limited space therein, with the intention of letting customers appreciate the existence of invisible energy around while enjoying the VIP massage treatment. It is a professional SPA that provides a healthy environment for male customers to relax while having massage service.

To strengthen the overall effect of message, Mio Luo Tang is the only Massage Therapy Centre in Taiwan that introduces the unique use of Emu Oil, a “golden liquid”that has been prevailing in Australia for more than a thousand years. With the addition of various essential oils, the Emu Oil-base rubbing agents applied during massage are excellent for improving the flow of blood in the meridian all over the human body. Upon completion of massage, the customers will further be treated with infra-red rays to expedite the absorption of the rubbing agent into the body. The whole massage treatment helps to revive the cells of the body, thus leads to the rapid recovery of the body, removes the fatigue caused by work, and let the whole body relax naturally. (As for the various functions of Emu Oil, please refer to the specific subject in this website.)

After 2 hours of massage service, different types of health care teas are available for serving to customers for replenishing of the water requirement of their bodies and recovering of stamina. Customers will leave Mio Luo Tang with a fresh body that is full of vitality. We look forward to be of service again during future visits of the customers.

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No.112, 2nd Floor, Liaoning Street, Zhongshan-qu, Taipei
Reservation: Taipei (02)27191008
Open: Pm 13:00-Am24:00
Address:No.112, 2nd Floor, Liaoning Street, Zhongshan-qu, Taipei
Reservation: Taipei (02)27191008
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